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 Membership Rules

 Membership is open to legal entities which meet the following requirements:
- to be legally established in accordance with the laws and practices of their country of origin,
- to be non-profit distributing organisations,
- to be so organised and financed as to be able to take into consideration and/or to represent the national interests of those industrial domains which make use of techniques within the Technical Field of the Association,
- to provide the financial resources for sharing the work of the Association and implementing the decisions reached by the General Assembly.

Membership is open to bodies whose activities are wholly or mainly of commercial or trade character.

The admission of Members is subject to the decision of the General Assembly on the proposal of the Board of Directors. The decisions of the General Assembly are sovereign and without appeal.

Membership Fees

Members of the Association must pay a membership fee fixed every year by the General Assembly, on the proposal of the Board of Directors.