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 Linking people....joining nations

 WHY join the IIW family ?

- To take part in advancing innovation in the field of materials joining and to contribute to technology transfer.

- To address key issues by joining one of the numerous  IIW working units together with other dedicated engineers, researchers, professors and students, as well as the industrial decision-makers, doctors, architects and toxicologists who contribute their knowledge and experience to our research.

- To benefit from participation at the various IIW events which reunite the international materials joining fraternity.

- To enhance your personal and professional network at a global level.

- To boost your career through publication in a top-rated scientific journal referenced in Web of Science®.

 WHAT can you achieve as a member ?

- Under the auspices of the IIW, you can create your country’s own “board of welding education” and official welding training centres.

- You can issue IIW diplomas and certificates to successful candidates at every level of the profession, thus validating and ensuring worldwide recognition of their skills.

- You can gain the acclaim ofthe international materials joining community through our prestigious prizes.

- Delegates and experts may be appointed to represent your country in the various IIW working units.

- You can obtain access to the IIW’s vast technical database, with more than 15,000 key documents from over 60 years.