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 IIW Manufacturers Certification System

The International System for the Manufacturers Certification is aimed to comply with the ISO 3834, based on the European System, existing for almost 10 years .

ISO 3834 can boost the manufacturing company’s ability to sell its products in both domestic and overseas markets. Compliance with ISO 3834 provides a “one-stop-shop” to achieve global recognition of the company’s capability. Entitled “Quality Requirements for Welding”, the standard provides details of how to control the various welding-related operations to achieve the desired quality consistently. For more information regarding ISO 3834 and its implementation please go to Guidance Documents for ISO 3834.

A key feature of the standard is the requirement to ensure that people with welding responsibilities are competent to discharge those responsibilities. This is achieved by incorporation of another standard: ISO 14731 “Welding Co-ordination – Tasks and responsibilities”.

For more information see: IIW Manufacturers Certification System

IIW Certified Companies Database

 IIW Personnel Certification System

The International System for Personnel Certification, allows Welding Co-ordinators to be Certified according to the requirements defined in ISO 14731.

One of the key features in certification of companies according to ISO 3834, it is the approval of welding co-ordinators. The IIW Personnel Certification system is a way to achieve this approval.

For more information see: IIW Personnel Certification System