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 Objectives and Goals of the IIW

 Main Goals

  • To identify, create, develop and transfer the best practices for sustainable development in a sustainable environment.
  • To identify, develop and implement the IIW Education, Training, Qualification & Certification Programmes on a global basis.
  • To promote the IIW and its Member Societies and services in various regions of the world for the common benefit of all.
  • Standardization


  • To organize the exchange of scientific and technical information, to encourage excellence in the field and to provide for the transfer of knowledge related to these techniques.
  • To prepare recommendations, state-of-the-art reports and guidelines related to the technical field.
  • To promote by all appropriate means the establishment of national welding institutes or associations in countries where these do not exist.
  • To organize Annual Assemblies, International Conferences and International Congresses.
  • To define guidelines for the education, training, qualification and certification of personnel involved in welding and to outline the rules for their application.
  • To prepare and assist in the formulation of international standards, in collaboration with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  • To promote and encourage the development of a sustainable environment through welding activities.