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 Objectives of the IIW White Paper


To identify the challenges for welding and joining technology in the global arena

To recommend the implementation of strategies to find solutions to meet these challenges

To agree on solutions for the next 20 years

To promote the implementation of identified solutions on a national, regional and international basis through greater collaboration, shared knowledge and partnerships.

To improve overall global quality of life i.e. health, safety, food, water, fair trade, environment, education opportunities.

 Download it

You can view and download the White Paper from this site: IIW White Paper electronic version (low resolution file) or via the dedicated site (flipping book-downloadable as high definition PDF)

We will appreciate that you express your feedback. Please send any appreciation by email to IIW Secretariat.

In the event you need a hard copy, please send an email to the IIW Secretariat justifying your request.

 From the International Press

 The White Paper can be used to

· Influence governments and industry on the research and development (R&D) needs, magnitude and types of research funding to be made available

· Improve the image of welding and its importance to both the national, regional and global economies

· Guide industry on future types and numbers of personnel requirements

· Provide necessary technological developments including “hot topics” to improve global quality of life through optimum use and innovation of welding and joining technologies. Also examples to give incentives for new ideas.

· Raise the national and international profile of IIW and its member societies.

Downloadable documentation:
IIW Action Plan
List of targeted organization
White Paper feedback form