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 IIW Awards - Recognition of People, Service and Excellence

Each year, the International Institute of Welding (IIW) honours significant contributions in the fields of welding and joining technology. Individuals are recognized for specific, outstanding, technical achievements, for their illustrious careers, or for long and meritorious service to the IIW.

All of the respective IIW Awards pay tribute to eminent individuals who played a major role at some point in the organization's history. Whether as founding fathers, champions or pillars of the Technical Commissions, they each contributed greatly to the furtherance of the IIW's aims and objectives and/or to the development of revolutionary scientific and technical advances in welding and allied processes.

It is the dedication and vision of these famous IIW personalities which set the stage for the organization to be recognized today as the largest and most prestigious worldwide network for knowledge exchange of joining technologies.

The various IIW Awards are therefore intended to closely reflect the extraordinary activities of those forbears in whose honour they are named, serving to promote, encourage and reward personal and professional excellence.  

The majority of the Awards are designated in the form of prizes, presented to winners during the Opening Ceremony of the IIW's Annual Assembly. In certain cases, the Award also consists in the delivery of a special Introductory or Keynote Lecture at an IIW International Conference, an IIW International Congress, or at select IIW Member Society events.

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