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C-IVPower Beam Processes

 Souvenir from the Joint Intermediate Meeting of C-IV, C-XII and SG 212 in Austria

Meeting held in March 2014 in Wels, AUSTRIA (download the high res version)

 Terms of Reference

Commission IV operates like a “think tank” for scientists, engineering and technical personnel who are involved in the research, development and application of power beam processing technologies including laser, laser-hybrid and electron beam welding processes. These processes are in a continuous state of rapid development and advancement as new technologies and innovations offer a nearly unlimited array of welding, joining and processing opportunities. Technical and scientific presentations by Commission members give attention to new processes, process modelling, mechanical properties of end-products and environmental health and safety. The Commission is especially active in the study of the application of power beam processes to novel and otherwise difficult-to-weld materials like high-strength steels, specialty stainless steels, light alloys, dissimilar materials and coated products.

 Chair Contact Information

  • Dr. Herbert STAUFER
  • Email :
    Country : Austria

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