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C-VNon-destructive Testing and Quality Assurance of Welded Products

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Commission V has the challenging task of monitoring, reviewing and contributing to all international standardization activities related to non-destructive testing (NDT) and evaluation of welded structures. The Commission has specialist groups devoted to the following fields: radiographic weld inspection; ultrasonic weld inspection; electric, magnetic and optical weld inspection; NDT reliability including simulation; and structural health monitoring. Recent successes of the Commission include: publication of ISO standards in the areas of  phased array calibration block design, metal magnetic memory and guided wave testing; publication of digital reference radiographs; publication of Booklets in the areas of validation of NDT simulation, model assisted probability of detection studies and structural health monitoring; publication of IIW Handbooks in the areas of automated ultrasonic testing and phased array ultrasonic testing; and formation of a working group to address pre-standardization for full matrix capture ultrasonic testing. Commission V has also been involved in numerous multi-disciplinary joint sessions with other IIW Commissions that address important industrial and academic topics.

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  • Dr. Eric SJERVE
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    Country : Canada

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