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C-VIIIHealth, safety and environment

 Terms of Reference

To act interdisciplinary network for the exchange of knowledge in the field of Health, Safety in Welding
To regularly review the general trends in the exposure to physical and chemical agents which may affect Health Safety in welding
To share information on national laws, rules and regulations related to Health, Safety in welding
To develop best practices for the management of Health, Safety and Environment in welding
To monitor the issues dealing with Environment and welding.

 Chair Contact Information

  • Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. / MD PhD Wolfgang ZSCHIESCHE
  • Email :
    Country : Germany
  • Since the 1980s research work in field studies of welders, focussing on health hazards of weldings fumes and gases

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  • Director, EHS John PETKOVSEK
  • Email :
    Country : USA

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Jul Annual Assembly Meeting
2014 Seoul - Rep. of Korea

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