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C-XStructural performances of welded joints - Fracture avoidance

 Terms of Reference

Commission X aims to establish a practical procedure for assessing the strength and integrity of welded structures in design as well as in service with known or assumed flaws, where attention is paid to the role and influence of welding residual stresses, strength mismatch between base and weld metals, and heterogeneity in toughness of welds.  Recent activity has focused on the development of a practical guideline for Fitness-for-Service (FFS) assessment for welded components containing a flaw and damage, which includes stress/strain-based assessment, constraint analysis and toughness testing procedure for welds.  With further development of FFS for welds, Commission X faces the challenge of advanced design of transport vehicles and infrastructures such as energy plants, pipelines, bridges and buildings constructed with high performance steels and high welding technologies.

 C-X Intermediate meeting, April 2016, Istanbul - Turkey

 Chair Contact Information

  • Prof. Dr. Eng. Fumiyoshi MINAMI
  • Email :
    Country : Japan
  • Education: 1978 B. Eng., Department of Welding Engineering, Osaka University, 1980 M. Eng., Department of Welding Engineering, Osaka University, 1985 Dr. Eng., Department of Welding Engineering, Osaka University, Employment: 1980 Research Associate, Osaka University, 1989 Guest scientist at Nuclear Research Center of Karlsruhe, West Germany, 1990 Associate Professor, Osaka University, 2002 Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, 2014 Professor, Joining & Welding Research Institute, Osaka University

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Dec C-X working group and C-XV-A intermediate meeting
2016 Chung-ang University, Seoul - KOREA

Mar C-X intermediate meeting
2017 TWI, Abington Hall (Cambridge), UK

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