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C-XIIIFatigue of Welded components and Structures

 Souvenir of C-XIII Meetings during IIW2011-Chennai

 Terms of Reference

Technical presentations and discussions in Commission XIII focus on new scientific results and the application of innovative technologies to avoid fatigue failures in welded structures. The Working Unit is currently developing several new science-based guidelines that can be applied to challenging design and life extension cases, e.g., “IIW Guideline for the Assessment of Weld Root Fatigue” and “Retrofitting Engineering for Fatigue Damaged Steel Bridge Structures.” Together with SC-QUAL, the Commission is developing “IIW Guidelines on Weld Quality in Relationship to Fatigue Strength.” A guideline for post-weld fatigue strength improvement of welded structures in high-strength steel and for implementing high frequency mechanical impact treatment as a means of improving the fatigue strength of demanding welded components and structures is also being developed. The experts that contribute to Commission XIII have developed a strong network, combining the interests of leading global companies and major international universities and research institutes. Industries which benefit from Commission XIII publications include shipbuilding, air and rail transportation, bridges and infrastructure, offshore, automotive, mechanical engineering and process equipment.

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  • Prof. Kenneth A. MACDONALD
  • Email :
    Country : Norway


  • Professor Zuheir BARSOUM
  • Email :
    Country : Sweden

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