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Commission XIV very actively examines ways to improve the shortage of welding personnel worldwide. There are some universal issues involving qualified instructors and qualified students. At the same time, this Working Unit has also prioritized the enhancement of the image of welding.Member Countries are invited to submit their training resources to be shared amongst all ANBs and consequently, to all Member Country ATBs. This will advance the promotion of standardization and also avoid duplication, as well as assist new ANBs and developing countries in particular.  This approach is geared to become a key strategy, to be included in the Best Practices section of the Commission’s Strategic Plan.

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  • Carl J. Peters
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    Country : USA

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C-XIV Draft Agenda v3.pdfC-XIV Draft Agenda v3Nadège BRUN
IIW White Paper - Its Significance to Creating a National Welding Capability.docIIW White Paper - Its Significance to Creating a National Welding CapabilityMireille AUBERT

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