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 Working Units

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Collapse <span class='exp-wu-tv-root'>Technical Commission (C)</span>Technical Commission (C)
C-I / Additive Manufacturing, Surfacing and Thermal Cutting
C-II / Arc welding and Filler Metals
C-III / Resistance welding, solid state welding and allied joining processes
C-IV / Power Beam Processes
C-IX / Behaviour of metals subjected to welding
C-V / Non-destructive Testing and Quality Assurance of Welded Products
C-VI / Terminology
C-VII / Microjoining and Nanojoining
C-VIII / Health, safety and environment
C-X / Structural performances of welded joints - Fracture avoidance
C-XI / Pressure vessels, boilers and pipelines
C-XII / Arc welding processes and production systems
C-XIII / Fatigue of Welded components and Structures
C-XIV / Education and training
C-XV / Design, Analysis and fabrication of welded structures
C-XVI / Polymer joining and adhesive technology
C-XVII / Brazing, soldering, and diffusion bonding
Collapse <span class='exp-wu-tv-root'>Technical sub-commission</span>Technical sub-commission
C-I-C / Surfacing
C-I-E / Thermal cutting and Related processes
C-I-F / Additive Manufacturing
C-II-A / Metallurgy of Weld Metal
C-II-C / Testing and measurement of welds
C-II-E / Standardization and Classification of Weld Filler Metals
C-III-A / Resistance welding and allied processes
C-III-B / Friction based processes
C-III-B-WGB1 / Friction stir welding standardization
C-III-B-WGB4 / Friction stir spot welding standardization
C-III-WGS / Standardization
C-IV-A / Laser Beam Processes
C-IV-B / Electron Beam Processes
C-IV-C / Laser Arc Hybrid Welding
C-IX-C / Creep and heat resistant welds
C-IX-H / Weldability of stainless steels and nickel-base alloys
C-IX-L / Low alloy steels welds
C-IX-NF / Non ferrous materials
C-V-A / Radiography-based Weld inspection techniques
C-V-C / Ultrasonic Based Weld Inspection Techniques
C-V-C-a / Development of a methodology to use FMC and TFM for field inspections
C-V-C-b / Phased Array Calibration Block Standardization
C-V-C-c / Long Range Guided Wave Standardization
C-V-D / Structural Health Monitoring
C-V-E / Weld Inspection Based on Electric, Magnetic and Optical Techniques
C-V-E-a / MMM-technique
C-V-E-b / Development of a methodology to use FMC and TFM for field inspections
C-V-F / NDT Reliability Including Simulation of NDT Techniques
C-V-F-a / Best Practices for the Use of Simulation for POD Curves for UT Weld Inspection
C-VI-A / IIW-Thesaurus
C-X-A / Welding Residual Stresses in Thick Steel Structures
C-XI-A / Correlation of Toughness data
C-XI-E / Transmission pipelines
C-XI-H / Performance of Welds for hydrogen Service
C-XII-A / Sensors and Control
C-XII-B / Arc Welding processes
C-XII-C / Production Systems and Applications
C-XII-D / Underwater Engineering
C-XII-E / Quality and safety in Welding
C-XIII-WG1 / Fatigue Testing and Evaluation of data for Design
C-XIII-WG2 / Techniques for Improving the Fatigue Strength of Welded components and Structures
C-XIII-WG3 / Stress Analysis
C-XIII-WG4 / Effects of Weld Imperfections on Fatigue Strength
C-XIII-WG5 / Life Extension of Welded Structures by Repair, Retrofitting and Structural Monitoring
C-XIII-WG6 / Residual Stress Effects in Fatigue
C-XV-A / Analysis
C-XV-B / Design
C-XV-C / Fabrication
C-XV-D / Planar structures
C-XV-E / Tubular Structure
C-XV-F / Economy
C-XVII-A / Brazing
C-XVII-B / Diffusion Bonding
C-XVII-C / Soldering
Collapse <span class='exp-wu-tv-root'>Board of Directors</span>Board of Directors
BOARD / IIW Board of Directors
GA / IIW General Assembly
Collapse <span class='exp-wu-tv-root'>Task group (TG)</span>Task group (TG)
G8 / Transversal IIW-IAB-EWF group
TG-GOV / Task Group on Governance
TG-HIST / History of the IIW
TG-YL / Task Group Young Leaders
WiW-EdBoard / Editorial Board for Welding in the World
Young Professionals corner / Web area for The Young Professionals of the International Institute of Welding
Collapse <span class='exp-wu-tv-root'>Study Group (SG)</span>Study Group (SG)
SG-212 / The physics of welding
SG-RES / Welding research strategy and collaboration
Collapse <span class='exp-wu-tv-root'>Select Committee (SC)</span>Select Committee (SC)
SC-AIR / Permanent joints in new materials and coatings for aircraft engineering
SC-AUTO / Select Committee Automotive and Road transport
SC-QUAL / Quality Management in welding and allied processes
Collapse <span class='exp-wu-tv-root'>Working Group (WG)</span>Working Group (WG)
JWG-XIII-XV / Fatigue design rules
WG-COM / Communications and Marketing
WG-FAR / Working Group on Finances, Audit and Risks
WG-RA / Regional Activities
WG-STAND / Standardization
Collapse <span class='exp-wu-tv-root'>TMB</span>TMB
TMB / Technical Management Board
Collapse <span class='exp-wu-tv-root'>Chair</span>Chair
CHAIR / Chairmen of Working Units (combined with TMB since July 2009)
Collapse <span class='exp-wu-tv-root'>IAB</span>IAB
IAB / Qualification and Certification
Collapse <span class='exp-wu-tv-root'>IAB group</span>IAB group
IAB-Assessors / Lead and Peer Assessors
IAB-Board / Board of IAB
IAB-GroupA / Education, Training and Qualification
IAB-GroupB / Implementation, Authorisation and Certification
IAB-MM / Members Meeting of IAB