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SC-AIRPermanent joints in new materials and coatings for aircraft engineering

 Terms of Reference

Global industry demands and developments have necessitated the re-activation of Select Committee: Permanent Joints in New Materials and Coatings for Aircraft Engineering, SC-AIR, dormant for the past few years. The primary objective of the Working Unit as it begins collaboration will be to define its working programme and structure. The task will include broad-ranging discussions on joining technologies used in the manufacture of new aircraft and during aircraft repair, and to define joining research needs of the aviation and aerospace industries where the IIW’s expertise and international networking capabilities can be utilized. Topics to be discussed include solid state welding, power beam processes, the behaviour of materials subjected to welding, new welding filler materials for aircraft structures and/or engine components, non-destructive testing of aircraft joints and adhesive-based repair joints.

 Chair Contact Information

  • Prof. Shuili GONG
  • Email :
    Country : P.R. China

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