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SC-AUTOSelect Committee Automotive and Road transport

 Terms of Reference

Members of Select Committee - Automotive and Road Transport (SC-AUTO) present and discuss on new scientific results and the application of new technologies and materials concerning joining in the automotive industry, including heavy trucks. It seeks to examine how joining methods can improve product properties and fabrication conditions in order to improve vehicle safety, while reducing the negative impact of vehicles on the environment and, at the same time, decrease vehicle assembly costs. The main aim is to give a comprehensive overview of the activities of IIW Commissions in materials joining in the automotive industry. Therefore, the documents discussed include most of the joining processes (e.g. resistance spot welding, GMAW, laser beam welding, stud welding, adhesive bonding, etc.) and a large variety of materials (e.g. AHSS, aluminium, magnesium, CRP, etc.). The experts who contribute to SC-AUTO have developed a strong international network, combining the interests of leading global automotive companies and suppliers, major international universities and research institutes.

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  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael RETHMEIER
  • Email :
    Country : Germany

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