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SC-MICROResearch developments and applications in micro- and nano-joining technologies [hidden]

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*        To exchange latest progress in microjoining and nanojoining research, especially on materials and process issues

*        To review general trends in microjoining, especially, nanojoining research for integration and assembly of micro-/nano-scale devices and systems

*        To promote the awareness of recent development in nano-/micro-joining research and applications in IIW where other and new industries (MEMS, Medical implants, nanoscale devices and systems, etc.) are not significantly addressing.

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  • Akio HIROSE
  • Email :
    Country : Japan

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SC-MICRO-1012-16 Agenda (Draft).docxSC-MICRO-1012-16 Agenda (Draft)Norman ZHOU
C-XVI-992-16 Agenda.pdfC-XVI-992-16 AgendaBharathi PRABU
SC-MICRO-1006-14 Agenda (Draft).docxSC-MICRO-1006-14 Agenda (Draft)Mireille AUBERT
SC-MICRO-1005-13 Agenda (Draft).docxSC-MICRO-1005-13 Agenda (Draft)Norman ZHOU

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