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SG-212The physics of welding

 Terms of Reference

The aim of Study Group-The Physics of Welding (SG-212) is to collect, discuss and provide science-based solutions for the mechanisms of arc and fusion welding, in order to control and improve weld quality and productivity. The Working Unit achieves this by focusing on the profound understanding of the welding arc, metal transfer and the weld pool via experimentation and modelling, comprehension of boundary phenomena between the electrode, arc plasma and the weld pool, and the exchange of information and development of useful simulation software for digital manufacturing.

 Chair Contact Information

  • Prof. Manabu TANAKA
  • Email :
    Country : Japan
  • 1990 B.Eng. degree in Welding from Osaka University, 1992 M. Eng. degree in Welding from Osaka University, 2000 Dr. Eng. degree from Osaka University

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